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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stop the Cheating

Now that I have popped the cherry of my first blog post, let me tell you what's really on my mind. Lately, we have been getting plenty of celeb news from Hollyweird about all of these celebs cheating on their spouses, right. Now Morgan Freeman, Morgan-I-never-get-an-onscreen-love-interest Freeman, has supposedly not only been cheating on his wife of 24 years, he and the jump off got into a car accident. I tell you, that karma is a BITCH.

Now, I hate to say it, but normally when a person cheats, it's because they aren't getting what they need at home. Then again, sometimes you run into an extra greedy muthafucka who just has to stick their frank 'n' beans in every cooch they can find, or vice-versa. And it's not until they've left for the jump off that they realize they have fallen victim to the 80/20 rule.

My point is, I personally believe that while yes, the cheater has to be held responsible, both parties have to do what it takes to keep your partner interested. Mr. D (my better half, although at the moment he is on punishment, lol) has a saying: If I start looking at other people, it's your job to get me to look back at you. Now, while I don't completely co-sign to this (trust, Mr. D is no idiot, he would get his ass kicked in a millisecond; but I keeps mine interested, so it's a non-issue), I understand the logic behind it. My question to you is have you ever been cheated on? And if you can answer that honestly, do you now believe there was something you stopped doing (or could have done to prevent it) that lead up to the ultimate betrayal? Now-a-days, marriage is a joke to most people. Therefore, I propose we figure out how to fix and save our relationships right now before we all end up as lonely old farts still looking for the next good nut. This has been a public service announcement from P.

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