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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tyler Perry Throwbacks

The hubby hasn't quite agreed to take me to see Madea Goes To Jail, but I can sense it's coming. hahaha Anyway, I'm all fired up and rets to go, but I still have weeks to wait. Damn. Instead, here's a little Tyler Perry throwback for you today. How many of the 2 readers I still have left (haha, I crack myself up) can recognize which play this is?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog For Choice

Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and as such, it is Blog for Choice Day. Now, I would have never known this if i wasn't over at Glennisha Morgan's blog, but since I found it, I have decided to contribute.

The topic for this year is: What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?

First, let me state my stance. Obviously I am pro-choice since I am participating today. But, I do not believe in abortion as an option for myself. Me and my new hubby recently got into a heated debate over this topic. He wanted me to reassure him if I was ever rapped or cheated and became pregnant, I would not keep the baby because it would be too much for him to look at that child everyday and remember either what I did or what happened to me. At first, I was strongly opposed because I feel a baby is a blessing either way. After a little while, I had to admit I saw his point, and amended. The point is, though, it's still my choice because it's my body, and it should always be that way. Every woman has the right to decide what to do with her body. Every couple should have that choice, just like me and my husband. That choice should never be taken away.

My top pro-choice hope is to do away with any anti-abortion legislation. In every state and every city across our nation, women should have the option to have safe, legal abortions if they so chose. In any case (abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby), it is my hope resources become more readily available. When I say resources, I mean agencies that will aid in the process as well as counseling. No woman should feel cornered, pressured or hopeless. And she should always feel it is her choice.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Madea Goes To Jail

I know I said I wanted to write about things with substance, but by now I'm pretty sure ya'll know how much I love Tyler Perry. So I had to post these promo pics from his upcoming film, Madea Goes To Jail. I can not wait to go and see this!

On another note, I have been giving some thought to what Mr. D says about Tyler Perry films. Do you think he's making money off of keeping women down and depressed? Even I have to agree with him when he says most of his plots involve a woman being done wrong by a man, and coming up roses in the end. Of course, I see absolutely nothing wrong with movies that show women in bad situations who by the end learn how to change them. I mean, that type of thing comes on Lifetime everyday, right? So what's the big deal if a former homeless man found something he's good at and turned it into a multi million dollar business venture? Hell, I'd do the same thing in a heartbeat! And yes, his movies tend to recycle the same storyline, but no one forces you to watch if you don't' want, right? Even I have learned to stop trying to get Mr. D to watch with me. If he does, fabulous. If not, whatever, I can watch alone.

Seriously, though, what do you out there in the blogosphere think?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Please Excuse My Absence

It seems like forever since the last time I blogged. So much has happened since then and now. So, let me explain.

I was taking a break from blogging. Reason being is I looked over everything I wrote in the past and decided it was time for a change. When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted to be a writer. And even though I know my blog doesn't reach very many people, I decided to give it an overhaul and turn it into a substantial read, not just a random commentary.

However, December 23, tragedy once again struck my family. This time, it was senseless and completely unexpected. Little Miss P, my niece Promiss, who looked exactly like me when I was a baby, died. She would have been 2 January 1. My sister called me at work from Chicago. At first, she was crying hysterically and I had no idea what was going on. Needless to say, when she finally collected herself, the words she said will haunt me forever. I broke down so bad, I had to be taken home and sedated.

How does a happy, healthy, almost 2-year-old just up and die? She didn't. I'll spare you the details (you can google it if you want), but she was molested and died from blunt force trauma. And the guy who did it originally tried to say she died from choking on Cheetos. AND this 27-year-old sorry excuse for a man was on probation after serving time due to biting and punching a 3-year-old boy 5 years prior. How did my beloved niece end up in the presence of such a monster? He was at his cousin's house, who was babysitting my niece, and she had no knowledge of his priors.

My beautiful baby niece, who was the light of my family, was buried December 30, 2 days before her birthday, because my sister couldn't bear to bury her baby the day before her birthday. I had been crocheting her a blanket for her birthday. I was going to finish it so she could be buried with it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Sometime soon, I hope I can finish it and make a shadow box for her.

In the midst of all this heart crushing tragedy, Mr. D and I got married at the courthouse New Year's Eve. We had already decided to do it earlier that month, and after all the tragedy we experienced in 2008, we decided we could not wait any longer to officially be married, and therefore family. He has been my rock, and I love him to death, and I am now Mrs. D! But, for now, I'm still Miss P. :-)

Unfortunately, we didn't get a real honeymoon. January 5, I had to have ovarian surgery to remove a cyst from my right ovary. When my doctor got in there, my right ovary had swollen to twice the normal size because of the cyst! I also had a small cyst on my left ovary, which my doctor also removed.

I spent the last week at home being spoiled senseless by my new husband. I didn't have to lift a finger if I didn't want to, and was rarely allowed to lift them when I did want to. We had a little scare Wednesday, though. I had 2 bumps under the tape on one of my sutures, and they looked kind of puss filled to me. Fearing an infection, we went to the doctor. Turned out they were just blisters from the tape. Solution: place a heating pad on them until they pop. They swole up so big, eww. And now I have two black scabs on my tummy. :'(

I have been through so much mental, emotional, and physical trauma in under the span of one month. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Sometime in the next couple of months, I have to go see a specialist to see if I'm developing glaucoma. Ain't life grand?

Anyway, that's the reason I took a break. I am back at work, a little refreshed, but determined to go on. And you can best believe I have more to disclose in the days to come. So stay with me, people! Ya'll are family now. :-)

Love ya lots,

Miss P

Excuse the mess. We had just moved and were still unpacking.