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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miss P's IPod Rotation

Following the theme of the day, I have decided to post Miss P's down in the dumps IPod rotation. Most of the songs on this rotation serve a dual purpose. Some explain exactly how I feel, while at the same time give me strength to do something about it.

I Refuse by Aaliyah (I absolutely LOVE this song! I feel so empowered after I hear it. sorry it's just a snippet)

Emotion by Destiny's Child (this has gotten me through some rough times)

Me by Tamia (LOVE IT so much, it helped me name my blog)

Love by Keyshia Cole (one of those bittersweet love songs)

and last but not least

Kim by Eminem (I LOVE this white boy. and this is one of my FAV pissed at the world songs. i turn this up in the car full blast when I wanna scream, but I can't, or better yet, won't)

I hope you heffas have a better day than me. Enjoy.

This little girl still makes me laugh. Hey, I smiled! My day is starting to look up.

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