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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poetry Corner

Something about today is a little off, and I'm feeling down. So, I decided to post one of my favorite poems that I wrote that kind of goes along with my mood. It's dedicated to every woman I know.


When I look in your eyes
and know that you are mine
there's no better feeling in the world.
But all that changed
the day I found out you cheated.
I can smell her on you,
see her caressing you.
It burns me to know
you took her places in your soul
where only we used to go.
Your kiss that used to be so sweet
is now so sour.
Your smile that lit my world
now leaves me bitter and cold.
The man I thought was only for me
has now made this twosome three
and I no longer know where I'm supposed to be.
Should I stay… or let it go?
Everyone seems to think they know what I should do.
But no one knows what's best for me but me.
Can't you see?
But now, now my world has come crashing in.
The home we made is now a prison
the walls are closing in
I can't breathe
I don't remember how to be me...
without you.
What do I do
when I look at you and only see her?
You, you were my rock, my king
but now it seems
our love is no more.
Do I forgive and forget…
or just walk out the door?

My best work always seemed to be my depressing poems...

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