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Friday, August 8, 2008

I'd Give Da Business To...

The other day, I realized that as a grown woman I really don't have celebrity crushes anymore. However, there are a few I'd give da business to. With that being said, today I'd like to share with you 3 celebrity couples I might give da business to.

Rih Rih and C Breezy

I absolutely LOVE Rih Rih, always have. I'm going to go along the line of my girl F.U. and claim Rih Rih as my wife. I am not a stan of Chris', though, but I would give them both da business.

Seal and Heidi

No and no. I don't care if you can blow a note so good you make me nut on the spot, I can not get past the face. I know it's because of a bout with lupus and I still don't give a damn. More power to you Heidi. If he could make me nut from a note, I would let him sing to me, change my draws, and then be on my damn way. Now you, Heidi. After seeing you topless on your yacht, while your son is RIGHT THERE, umm, no, boo boo, I'll pass on you too.

My last celeb couple for the day is Jay and Bey.

Now, me and Bey haven't really been cool since she stole Dangerously In Love from DC and erased all the background vocals to make it seem like she was the only one on the track and then put it on her debut album so people think it was hers all along (don't believe me? go look it up), but I have to admit Bey is kinda thick. So, yeah, Bey could get the business; you just can't be my wifey. Your husband, on the other hand, uh, no. I don't fuck other species. His lips, however, do get an honorable mention. I bet you ol' Camel don't even have to use tongue on you. He can make you cum just by brushing your cooter with his lips. That's why his ugly ass has had Bey on lock since waaaaay back, and the ONLY reason a black woman would allow her husband to walk around with no wedding band, still pretending his ass is single. So, to recap, Bey is thick and could get da business, and Jay is fugly, but his lips could get the business. Later, heffas.

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