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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is This Bitch For Real?

It never ceases to amaze me how in this day and age we still have entire communities living in ignorance and intolerance. In a small town in Florida, a high school girl goes to her principal because other students are harassing her because she's gay. Now, as the highest authority figure in her school, he's supposed to console her and assure her she can come to school and learn without being taunted because of her sexual preference and then deal with those kids, right? Not this self-righteous bastard. No, this muthafucka tells her homosexuality is wrong, outs her to her parents, and orders her to stay away from kids. Is this bitch for real?

Now, this shyt is wrong on so many levels. First of all, you're a muthafuckin principal, nobody asked you for your personal views on her sexual orientation. Secondly, who the fuck are you to tell her parents?! Coming out to anyone, especially your parents, is hard and can be traumatic, especially for a teen. Where the fuck do you get off robbing this girl of her right to do it in her own time??? And then you order her to stay away from kids like she's some fuckin pedophile. This man's line of thinking is just all wrong.

Then, when her friends protested, he questioned students about their sexual preference, suspended some, and even lifted some girls' shirts to see if they had "gay pride" written on their bodies! But get this: most of the community saw nothing wrong with anything he had done! What kind of tomfoolery is this??! Now, it's not one fucked up man among the masses; no, his town is supporting him! These close minded bastards really irk the hell outta me. They gave some bullshyt saying we're a small Christian town, this isn't Chicago or Atlanta. What in the fuck is that supposed to mean? But you know what? They're right. They're not in Chicago, cuz if they were, that muthafucka would have had his ass BEAT DOWN for lifting some girl's shirt. I wish you would lift my daughter's shirt. Let's see if you go home with all your fingers.

I propose we start a campaign to enlighten these ignorant sons of bitches. We can not keep living in a world of intolerance. Since the town still can't figure out what the ex-principal did wrong, even after he was successfully sued, I am going to write some letters and let them know. And I'm going to end it in big bold letters with GAY PRIDE! GAY PRIDE!

I am too through.


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