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Friday, August 15, 2008

Poetry Corner

Ok, since I can't seem to edit my posts the way I want to, I will just leave ya'll a poem to get you in the mood for a good wipe me down session this weekend. I wrote this myself, so don't go stealing my work, heffas.


Sitting here with you
is my favorite thing to do
The sound of your voice
leaves me no choice
as I sit here
by the look in your eyes
as your hands caress my thighs
The look in your eyes
as your lips touch mine
and slowly I sigh
'to you I would never lie'
The feel of you lips on my cheek
robs me of my ability to speak
As you run your fingers through my hair
and into your eyes I stare
my soul for you I lay bare
When you nibble on my ears
I want to cry sweet tears
of joy
as you toy
with my emotions
your tongue making motions
on my neck
I have to stop and check
to see if I'm still breating cuz
your love leaves me in a buzz
a whirlwind, a daze
I'm so amazed
that this
is only part 1
the prelude
of so much more to cum

Have a nice weekend, heffas.

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