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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Future First Lady Michelle Obama at the DNC

Although I am feeling better (barely), my brain has yet to catch up. So, instead of posting the video myself, Ima send ya'll over to my girl F.U. to catch the video of Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention. After watching this speech, I almost feel bad for clowning Dirty KK about not being able to attend. I said almost, heffas. Dirty KK needs to stay his ass at home. But I digress. This is about Michelle and how absolutely fabolous she is going to be as our First Lady. Such class, such grace, such love and adoration for her husband. Omg, did you see her get all choked up talking about her husband driving her and her new baby home for the first time? I mean really, even if you are still blind and still can't see Obama for the leader he is, look at his wife. This woman is... just... WOW. I have no more words except OBAMA IN '08! YES WE CAN!

Oh, and that part at the end when his girls are all like "Hi Daddy!" And Michelle is like "Love you!" Too beautiful. The future first family is just too... WOW.

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The F$%K it List said...

YES we can!

And no one need Dirty KK there spoiling the good clean fun. He might pick up a few more jumpoffs and tarnish it all