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Friday, August 8, 2008

From My Mind To You

OK, I know this is totally random, but Mr. D and I have heated conversations about this and they usually end with me saying, "Can we please not talk about this anymore?" So, I have decided to call in re-enforcements. The random topic for today is:

Is Tyler Perry gay?
Now, my automatic answer is always no. But, since me and Tyler aren't best buds, I can't exactly give some proof. So instead, I will give Mr. D's "proof" as to why he is.
1. He dresses in drag.
My rebuttal: So do other actors. He's created a character that makes him money. Big deal. Do we call Martin Lawrence gay because he dressed up as multiple female characters?

Tyler Perry is supposedly gay because he dresses as a gun toting granny, but Martin Lawrence puts on a one piece complete with fake tits and cellulite and bounces down the beach and he can be straight. Whatever.

2. He casts sexy leading men (who usually take their shirts off) because he secretly wants to date them.
My rebuttal: So he's supposed to cast ugly men? His core audience are women. How many women are going to go see a show where this is the leading man?

Hell to da no.

But would you spend your $10 to see him take his shirt off?

Not personally a Boris stan, but he could get the business.

How bout him?

That's what I thought. (Sorry the pics are so small; still trying to get the hang of this.)
For now, I rest my case. Ms. P: 1, Mr. D: 0

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