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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silence Isn't Always Golden

Is it truly possible to ignore your partner when you live together? I know this couple who claimed they didn't talk to each other for a full two weeks. How can you possibly sleep in the same bed as someone and not speak to each other for two weeks? When I'm mad at Mr. D, we can barely make it through one day.

But, I think a more important question is Does it really help your relationship any to go about your life like your partner is not there? The short answer is no. Two people in a relationship should talk things out when there are problems. Everyone needs their space now and again. Retreating to separate corners for an hour or two can help. But in order to maintain a healthy relationship, a couple should strive never to go to bed angry. Talk things out when you both have a cool head. Respect the fact that both of you have a right to speak and be heard. The key to a good relationship is healthy communication. This has been a public service announcement by Miss P.

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