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Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss P's IPod Rotation

I was going to save this post for Friday, but since we've lost two legends in the same weekend, I am going to hit you with Miss P's Old School playlist today. These young 'uns now-a-days don't know a damn thing about good music. I always turn on this list when Soulja Boy and other bullshit like that starts to get on my nerves, and losing Bernie and Isaac made me wanna hear some classics.

Turn Off the Lights by Teddy Pendergrass (turn em off!)

Keep Your Head Up by Chaka Khan (don't know if the song should be here, but Chaka is a legend and this song moves me in so many ways)

Love and Happiness by Al Green (i just love this song)

I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston (she had/has such an amazing voice. listen to this and tell me you don't get choked up. crack is wack!)

and last but definitely not least, my all time favorite old school love song:

Cuz I Love You by Lenny Williams (this man cried the whole damn song. men just don't tell women they love them like this no more!)
Just a taste of some of my old school favorites. You're welcome, heffas.

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