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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To My Mama

Broken Thoughts (Straight From the Heart)

They always say
No one will ever love you
like your mother
That must be because
there will never be another
like you.
The first beat we ever learned
was the rhythm of your heart.
The first sound we ever heard
was the twinkle of your laugh.
Your smile that lit the room,
your voice that calmed our fears.
You dried our tears
when we were sad.
You held us close
when we were scared,
cried tears of joy
when we came into our own.
That special way
you used to say "OKAY!"
You were our protector, teacher, mother
No one will replace you in our hearts
For as long as we have our memories
We're never far apart.

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Glennisha Morgan said...

I love my mama!