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Monday, September 15, 2008

J Hud Is Engaged To Punk

Now, ya'll know I got love for J Hud. And I also love the hell out of Punk. So when I heard the rumors of them dating, it didn't bother me, but I also didn't believe it. I just chalked it up to two Chicagoans who have recently found fame and built a friendship around it. When Jen hit the scene, she had a boyfriend from the Chi and they had been dating since high school. But now, everyone is saying Jen and Punk are engaged, he proposed to her on her 27th birthday. What happened to the hometown boyfriend? I was rooting for them. I was hoping she wouldn't drop him after the Oscar. Guess that was silly of me, huh? Anyway, if this is true, I hope they can make it work. Everybody deserves love. And Punk is so damn swole! Look at all those fucking muscles! And he is a Harvard grad, a freaking lawyer. I never could figure out what the hell he was doing chasing after New York. Ooooooohhhhhhh, I just wanna lay on his chest! Lawd have mercy! They make a hot couple. But J Hud is lucky, cuz if I had met him first, he'd be like 'J who?'
**UPDATE** Click here for J Hud's new single Pocketbook ft Ludacris.

Now I know this video is kinda off topic, but thinkin bout I Love New York and contestants from Chicago reminded me of this and it STILL cracks me up!

OMG, after this show, my girl was in the club and Pootie was hitting on her but she didn't know who the hell he was and wouldn't give him no play. So when he walked away, her friends were like, 'Girl, that's Pootie!' And she was like 'Pootie Tang?' 'No, Pootie who went crazy on I Love New York and threw himself down the stairs! He crazy girl!' So when she told me I sent her this video, and she was like 'I'm SO glad I blew him off!'

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