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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrity Women Have Gone Mad

Ok, I'm gonna have to ask the heffas of the world to STOP GOING AFTER NEW YORK'S LEFTOVERS!!!! What is wrong with you celebrity women? I know I gave J Hud a pass, even though I did slightly dog her, but only because she got Punk, and even I was drooling over him during I Love New York. I mean, the man is fiyone, even if some of ya'll think he's on the DL. But now, now Niecy Nash done gone and got herself engaged to Wood. My first question was who? I don't even remember no damn Wood on EITHER season. So, I hit up Wikipedia. Apparently, this mofo was the winner of Mr. Romance in 2005. Remember, that reality show with Fabio? Of course you don't. Neither do I. And you know why I don't remember him from ILNY? Because he was eliminated Season 1 Episode 1. So maybe, MAYBE Niecy Nash can get a pass because he never actually got a chance to tongue New York down. But damnit, if I hear of one more reality show reject hooking up with a real celeb (Mr Boston dating Punkin DOES NOT COUNT; two rejects dating each other is totally irrelevant), I am gonna start my own reality show called "Who Not To Date If Yo Ass Is Famous! Duh!"

Anyway, I guess I show offer my congrats, but I'm SERIOUSLY not feeling this dude. Couldn't she have picked a cute reject, like J Hud? But she's the one who has to look at this troll for the rest of her life, not me, so I say congrats. I just can't see him being a cover model, unless it's Troll Illustrated. Later, heffas!

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