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Friday, September 19, 2008

Supernatural Season Premiere

Ok, so Mr. D turned me on to Supernatural and I love it. We've spent the last 2 months catching up on season 1- 3 and finished just in time to watch the premiere last night. I am a Charmed fanatic, and this show isn't on the same level, but it is a nice replacement. And no, I am still not over Charmed ending. Anyway, the premiere last night was pretty good. And I am so proud of myself; I didn't spoil it for myself by looking it up on Wikipedia first.

First and foremost, I'm not feeling the new Supernatural sign. It might grow on me, though. Anyway, here we go.

So, at the end of Season 3, Lilith let the hell hounds loose on Dean and he was sent to hell. She tried to kill Sam, but for whatever reason, she couldn't. Last night, Dean awakens in his coffin, and climbs his way out. We have no idea how he got out, but he decides to go find Sam and Bobby.

Immediately I have an issue. Hunters don't bury their dead, they salt and burn them. The boys did this with their dad; the black chick with the English accent did this with her husband. So now I got the crooked eye going on.

(After watching 3 seasons on DVD, it was hard to go back to commercial breaks. But, we solved that by pressing pause on the DVR, fixing a plate of food, and from that point on we fast forwarded through commercials. Yay for technology!)

Fast forward a few scenes. Dean and Bobby track Sam down. A girl answers the door in her draws. Sammy comes into the room. Sammy is finally getting him some cooch! It's about damn time! And when the girl is leaving, he calls her by the wrong name, and she corrects him, and Sam is like, yeah, that's what I meant. Since when did Sam turn into Dean? Guess his habits finally rubbed off on Sam.

Almost forgot. Bobby explained why Dean was buried. Sam wanted him to have a body when he brought him back. Only problem was, Sam didn't bring him back. And Dean has a hand print burned into his shoulder. Ooooh, dun dun dun!

Omg, that was so funny when they got into the Impala and Sam had an IPod in there. The look on Dean's face was classic. And when that music started playing, and he was like "Really?" lmao

The scene where the physic's eyes burned out. That was nasty as hell. Enough said there.

When Sam walked into the diner and the guy was dead, Mr. D said it reminded him of the last diner when yellow eyes abducted Sam. Nope, yellow eyes is dead! Oh, Mr. D, when will you learn to leave the predictions to me?

I absolutely DO NOT like this new actress they have playing Ruby. I want the blond chick back!

New Ruby: I don't even like this heffa's VOICE

Bring back the old Ruby!

Now, I totally called it on this last scene. The bunker or whatever the hell it was, was completely covered in Devil's traps from every faith. When dude walked right over them, I knew right then and there he was an angel. And him being invincible to the silver knife clinched it way before he told Dean he was an angel and God decreed he be pulled from the pit cuz he had work to do.

Oh, and did ya'll peep Sam using his psychic powers to pull the demon out of that one girl? Sam has been playing with his powers! And lying to Dean all willy nilly. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Seriously, though, I wonder what else he's learned to do in the 4 months Dean was dead?

Overall, I was very satisfied with this episode. And the rumors are this season will clear up how their mother knew ol' yellow eyes. I can't wait for next week, but I hope they give it an earlier time slot. A bitch has got to get her beauty sleep!

Season 4 Episode 1, you get an A for a job well done. Later, heffas.

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