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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political Corner

I am not going to go real deep into this, but most polls are reporting a drop in Obama's numbers and a rise in McCain's every since McCain picked a woman for his running mate and Obama didn't. I said it before, and I'll say it again. It was a brilliant political strategy by an evil bastard out of touch with the American people. Now, that being said, not only am I extremely offended, but I am also fucking pissed off that Republicans think women are so fucking stupid and naive that we will be so upset Clinton isn't on the ticket we will jump on the McCain train. I know these "polls" are saying that is just the case, but really, where the fuck do they get their data from? I know I haven't been polled. I'm guessing those of you reading this haven't been polled either. I mean, come on, it was never about the Vice President. It has always been about the President, and Obama is still going to be President. Besides, I don't think I trust Ol' Pantsuit as VP, anyway. She might have "conveniently" arranged for BO to be in a fatal accident. No no no, we need to keep her ass as far away from the ticket as possible.

But let's just say some women Democrats have jumped ship just because McCain put a woman on the ticket. Are you heffas really that blind? dumb? easily manipulated? He's using you! Man, woman, or chimp on his ticket; black, white, or polka dotted, he is still the same McCain who is pretty much an older, crustier carbon copy of George Dubbya! I mean, come on now. You jumped ship cuz Hilary aint his VP pick. Excuse me, but didn't Hilary come out and endorse Obama? Do you really think when Hilary goes into that booth in November she's gonna be all 'I'll show him. Don't wanna pick me as VP, huh? Well I'm voting for McCain. Take that Obama!' No, you stupid bitches! She's not going to do that to her country, so why the hell are you? Are you really so hell bent on giving Republicans another 8 years to fuck up our country even worse than it already is just because there is a woman on their ticket? You are just as bad as the Republicans. Even Republicans know McCain is the worst Republican candidate in a long ass time! And I found this one blog that said exactly that, was written by a Republican, and added that the only reason they are supporting him is to keep a black man out of office! Look at the politics, people! Sarah Palin does not support sex education in schools and she also does not support a woman's right to choose. That alone doesn't scare you? McCain supported how many of Bush's policies? And even after we've lost so many soldiers, sailors, and marines on foreign soil, sent so many back broken and torn, ravaged American families far and wide, are you really gonna vote for them just because his VP is a woman? Really, people? Really? I am too through.

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