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Thursday, September 4, 2008

America's Next Top Model

When reality TV first premiered, I hated it. For the most part, I still do. However, over the years I have slowly been pulled in. And I fell for Tyra's ploy for ratings and tuned it to see Isis be fierce. I only caught the 1st hour of the 2 hour premiere, but I've got plenty to say. Forgive me if I jump around a lot.

First of all, I am not feeling this whole future vibe they were trying to do. Did you see the computer they were inputting the girls info into? It looked like some prop from a 70's movie about the future. Hell, it could have been in Back to the Future. And speaking of inputting info, what the hell was up with the body scans? And if it was really scanning their bodies, how come Isis' extra equipment didn't show up?

Now the Jay's. What in the hell was up with the matching platinum do's? I can get used to Mr. Jay like that (maybe), but Miss J, no boo boo. Your ass is too dark to make it work. Please go back to the drawing board and try again.

And did you see the Asian girl, Sheena I think, do her turn on the catwalk and unzip her jacket? What the hell for? Don't you know the Jay's don't want nothing you got girl? Isis has a better chance of hooking up than you. But I still like Sheena. I hope she stays for a while, even though I probably won't be watching.

Back on the future trip. Everybody and they mama knew that wasn't no damn Tyra bot when that door opened. It was so obvious she was in there. I really didn't appreciate ol' girl (I forget her name, the black girl with the glasses) pretending she was shocked and RuPauled. Speaking of her, I was glad she didn't make the cut cuz she was hating hard on Isis. You don't know her, bitch! So why the hell you hating? I guess you hatin from home now, cuz she's in and you're not!

There are 3 Brittney's this time. Goddamn!

And is it just me or is Lauren kind of funny looking?

Anyway, that's just my take. If you want a full re-cap, I bet F.U. will have one by the end of the day. And if you want to see pics of all the girls who made the cut, click here.

Oh, and Isis did one hell of a tuck job! I think I recorded it, so Ima watch it and give my review of the second half tomorrow. Later, heffas!

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