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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movie Review

So, Mr. D made up for being an idiot last week. You all know how much he hates Tyler Perry. So when The Family That Preys came out, I just knew he wouldn't take me. Hell, I even tried to get a date, remember? Well, I managed to forget about the movie. The county fair was last week. So Saturday morning, I'm like "Babe, maybe we should go to the fair." And he's like, "Ok, you finish breakfast, Ima run to the store and Ima bring you something back, too." So I finish breakfast, take a shower, and almost fall asleep in front of the TV waiting for him to come back. We eat, I twist his hair, and around 4 he's like, "Let's go to the fair". I'm thinkin, 'Oh, shyt, we're still going?' We get in the car, and he's like "I left the change in the center console. Can you get it for me?" I open and it and what do I see? Two tickets to Tyler Perry for the 4:10 show. The man is a sweetheart.

So, we're watching the previews, and Mr. D points out there are no action previews. It's mostly drama, the sappy stuff. In other words, he feels TP is setting women up to be sad. Shut up, Mr. D. You're spoiling it. But I love you anyway.

Now, I will not give away too much of the movie. But I have got to say it was FANTASTIC! Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates do a wonderful job as two women from very different lifestyles that have managed to be the best of friends. It was completely believable and very moving. And even though I hate to admit it, TP, even with his mini fro and scruffy face, still manages to come off as effeminate. There, Mr. D, you happy? Tyler Perry is a tooty fruity.

Sanaa Lathan was AWESOME! I didn't really appreciate one of my favorite actresses play such a bitch, but she played the hell out of that role! From her very first scene, she was a bitch. How you gonna be talkin shyt about a woman payin for your entire damn wedding? And then at your reception, how you gonna be givin another man the googly eyes with your new husband standing next to you? And the poor dummy didn't even pick up on it. You dumb ass.

Sanaa Lathan as Andrea is a truly ruthless bitch. She is constantly putting her husband down and telling him he will never be William Cartwright, and the fool takes it. At one point she tells Ben (TP) the same thing, and he tells her, "Look here, I don't wanna be no damn William Cartwright!" And I'm like, 'It's about damn time somebody said it!'


Now, I in no way condone this, but bitch deserved it. So, Andrea and Chris are arguing in the family diner, in front of erbody and them, and Andrea is punking the hell out of him. Ben finally drops the bomb that errbody, and I do mean ERRBODY, but Chris knows Andrea is fuckin William Cartwright. So Chris is like, is this true? And she's like he's my man. And he says but we have a son. And SHE says, "My son is Cartwright." Chris turns his head away, then back hand slaps the bitch across a counter! I mean this bitch flew over the counter and onto the floor! She got hit harder than ol' girl in Family Reunion the movie, but trust me, even the white people in the theater was like "It's about damn time!" I mean, Andrea is really that much of a bitch.

I'm sorry, I really didn't want to give away too much, but damn! They built up to that perfectly, and you really don't expect Chris' soft ass to do that. However, it did bring up a topic of discussion for me and Mr. D. Andrea didn't respect her husband because she made more money than him. He had a respectable job, she just made more money. So the bitch started a 5 year affair with a man she felt was better and also used him to try and get to the top. And the stupid bitch thought he would leave his wife and child and marry her. Sistas, why do we constantly dog out perfectly good brothers and think the dude you are cheating with is going to wife you? He don't even respect you! Why do you think the only time you spend together is in the hotel room? Shyt like that turns good men into bitter men who no longer respect the rest of us because of your trifling ass.

Robin Givens is also in here and does a beautiful job as a sista who worked her way to the top instead of laying on her back like Andrea. She also put Andrea in her place, but of course the bitch is too full of herself to realize the truth Robin's character is spitting.

Anyway, I've given away too much already. I felt this movie broke away from Tyler's usual pattern, but of course Mr. D didn't. He did, however, admit he kinda liked it. Whatever. I give the movie an A+, and it's one I want to watch again. Oh, and yes, he did manage to fit a church scene in the chaos. The movie possibly could have done without, but it served a purpose. Go see the movie, heffas! You'll love it!

Oh, and since we didn't see it opening weekend, we didn't see the preview for Madea Goes To Jail, so for those of you who did, I DON'T LIKE YOU. Toodles!

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