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Friday, September 26, 2008

Political Corner

Ok, by now ya'll know I am not real political savvy. But I feel the need to address the move pulled by McCain this week. I myself didn't understand exactly what was happening, so I had to ask some questions. The other day, Senator John McCain suspended his campaign and urged Obama to postpone the debate scheduled for today. Apparently, due to the financial ridiculousness that manifested itself Monday, McCain thought he he should go to DC immediately and help Congress decided if those companies should get the multi million dollar bail out plan proposed by our resident Idiot-In-Chief, George Dubbya. The response from Congress? "We don't need you. You don't even vote on anything that would make a difference."

Barack Obama has come out and said the American people need to know what their future President is going to do about this situation, and postponing the debate is not in the best interest of the American people. I completely agree. Not only that, the date McCain proposed to have the debate is the same day of the vice presidential debate. So, it seems like the Republican party is trying to shield Sarah Palin once again. McCain realized Obama's numbers were up and decided doing this debate was not in his best interest. The Republican party is trying to pull the okey doke on the American people. People, we can not have this man in office. Spread the word, make sure all your friends are registered to vote. The deadlines are approaching quickly. Do your part to get Obama in office.



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