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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amy Winno Dun Actually Smoked Her Brains Out

Everybody and they mama called it, but this dumb bitch just wouldn't listen. Amy Winno smoked for like 36 hours straight. She smoked so much, she's given herself brain damage. Damn, Amy. He tried to make you go to rehab, and your ass said no, no, no. Now your ass won't be saying nothing cuz you done fucked up your brain for real for real!

All jokes aside, this is such a waste. Amy is so talented, but she just couldn't put the pipe down. She should have been talking to Whitney Houston. We all know Ms. Houston was high as a kite for 14 years, but she managed to keep her voice and her brain intact, albeit slightly downgraded. How? Cuz crack is wack! She made too much money in her career to ever have to smoke crack. Hahahaha! Oh, I cracks me up.

For real, though, remember when Amy looked like this?

Now look at this poor, stupid heffa. What in the hell was she smoking for her face to look like that? Please, put the pipe down Amy, and let your daddy send you to rehab. Maybe Jamie Spears needs to be called in. Hell, he saved Britney from becoming Amy, maybe he can save Amy from herself.

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