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Monday, November 17, 2008

What In The Hell?

I'm starting to believe I have no fashion sense. I mean, that HAS to be the case because I can not get down with these shoes. No and no.

Oh, and I snatched these from Baller Alert. I was so blown away by the sheer fuckery of it all, I don't remember any of the details. First of all, this shyt looks like it hurts like hell, and second, why in the hell would I pay goo gobs of money to walk around with my feet touching the dirty ass ground?! The first celeb I see rocking these, I swear to g_d, I will fly to Hollywood and whoop their natural white ass! (you know it's gonna be a white girl, lol)
Actually, you know what? I think I can see Zoe Kravitz attempt to rock these. Zoe, I dare you. I dare you! I will be behind you kicking you in the ass so fast, you won't know what the fuck hit you!!!


The F$%K it List said...

If I want to walk on the ground I will just take my shoes off. This has to be totally for the runway. I mean really those shoes in NY EWEEEEE

Anonymous said...

This looks like its made to purposely ruin your feet. WTF?