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Friday, November 14, 2008

He or She?

I really don't have time to post as much as I want to *sigh*, so I have decided to reserve my posting to things that really interest me. That being said, Thomas Beatie, the man who had the blog world and eventually everyone else all a buzz, is pregnant again.
Now, I personally think it's a beautiful thing. His wife had some kind of complications, I can't recall exactly, that prevented her from carrying, so Thomas, who still had his female reproductive organs, carried their adorable little girl to term, and his wife breast fed her.
Now, if you talk to a woman who had been through child birth before, she would probably tell you she would LOVE for her man to be the one to get pregnant next time around and them be the supportive one. And he still did his "man of the house" chores while he was pregnant! His wife was probably in bliss.

Now, the purpose of this blog. Back when this first came out, Mr. D and I had vivid convos about whether or not Thomas is a woman. He was born a woman, a very pretty one at that. In fact, I think she was a beauty queen at some point.
But somewhere along the line, he made the necessary moves to legally become a man, while still retaining his female reproductive organs. I personally believe a person should be called whoever and whatever they wanna be called. I mean, we all know RuPaul is a man, but we aren't all down his throat, are we? Thomas has a wife who loves him as a man, so that is what we should call him. What do ya'll think?


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glennishamorgan said...

whatever makes folk happy you know.