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Monday, November 10, 2008

18-year-old abandoned

Ok, so I heard about this a little while ago and forgot to address it. But now, I gotta speak on it. A bunch of states have developed a safe haven law which will allow parents to abandon a child at a hospital or police station without fear of prosecution.

So, the most recent "child" to be abandoned is 18 years old. What in the hell? Her adoptive mother said she can't control the girl, and the girl is refusing to take her meds (I think the article said she was bi-polar or something).

Something about this just aint sitting right with me. One woman abandoned 5 kids at a hospital. That was an entire family! What in the hell? I mean, yes, it's good people now have the option to drop their kids off somewhere safe, but I think people are abusing this. What do ya'll think?


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Eb the Celeb said...

Definiteing abusing it because there are no consequences for their action... parents can't say... oh well I dont want to do this anymore... you laid down and had them kids then they are yours to take care of for life... if your child is 40 and still needs to call their mama to borrow some money to make ends meet then you let your child borrow the money if you have it... parenting does not stop because your child is of what is so-called adult age... this is crazy