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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog For Choice

Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and as such, it is Blog for Choice Day. Now, I would have never known this if i wasn't over at Glennisha Morgan's blog, but since I found it, I have decided to contribute.

The topic for this year is: What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?

First, let me state my stance. Obviously I am pro-choice since I am participating today. But, I do not believe in abortion as an option for myself. Me and my new hubby recently got into a heated debate over this topic. He wanted me to reassure him if I was ever rapped or cheated and became pregnant, I would not keep the baby because it would be too much for him to look at that child everyday and remember either what I did or what happened to me. At first, I was strongly opposed because I feel a baby is a blessing either way. After a little while, I had to admit I saw his point, and amended. The point is, though, it's still my choice because it's my body, and it should always be that way. Every woman has the right to decide what to do with her body. Every couple should have that choice, just like me and my husband. That choice should never be taken away.

My top pro-choice hope is to do away with any anti-abortion legislation. In every state and every city across our nation, women should have the option to have safe, legal abortions if they so chose. In any case (abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby), it is my hope resources become more readily available. When I say resources, I mean agencies that will aid in the process as well as counseling. No woman should feel cornered, pressured or hopeless. And she should always feel it is her choice.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Pro-choice all day! BTW, thanks for the link.