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Monday, October 27, 2008

J Hud's Family Slain

I'm sure ya'll know by now I don't watch the news. So it was a complete and total shock to hear Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother had been shot to death, and her nephew is missing. Her brother-in-law has been named as a suspect. This is so horrible, especially so close to the holidays. Everyone says her mom was the last person this should have happened to. You can tell from Jennifer's bubbly personality her mom had to be a wonderful person. My prayers go out to Jennifer and her family, I pray for the safe return of her nephew, and may her mother and brother rest in peace. Please, if anyone knows anything about her nephew SPEAK UP. Stay strong, Jennifer. God bless you.
The body of a child has been found in an abandoned SUV, and it is believed to be the body of her nephew. My prayers go out to this family. Such a horrible, senseless tragedy.

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